The FAE – Fondation d’aide aux entreprises

In accordance with its mission, the Fondation d’aide aux entreprises (FAE) intervenes in a subsidiary manner to facilitate the financing of viable enterprises based in the canton of Geneva. The objective, above and beyond solving problems strictly related to financing, is to promote the development of Geneva Small and Medium Enterprises by doing its best to maintain a strong diversified economy, one that provides jobs.

The FAE was founded in 2005 based on the Loi sur l’aide aux entreprises that was passed by the Grand Council of Geneva. It serves the enterprises of the Republic and canton of Geneva, and is composed of specialists in finance and management.

The FAE is also the cantonal antenna in Geneva for Cautionnement romand. Cautionnement romand was founded in 2007, based on a Federal Law (Loi fédérale sur les aides financières aux organismes de cautionnement en faveur des petites et moyennes entreprises). It is within this framework that the FAE shares risks taken with Cautionnement Romand (that itself receives guarantees from the Helvetic Confederation) on guarantees granted on loans up to CHF 1 million. To learn more, consult the Web site of Cautionnement Romand : www.cautionnementromand.ch

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